Legacy Law gently coerced my wife and I to document our wishes in relation to our family and our businesses so that in the event that something happened to either of us there was the right legal structure but also the right information readily to hand for people we trust to manage in our absence. There were no surprises on fees and I am very pleased that we went through this process. I see the value in Legacy Law’s work and recommend them to people with young families and business interests.

Ryan Meldrum

CEO, Journey Early Learning Group

I have recommended Donal to many of my clients that includes Partners at Deloitte and all of the experiences have been extremely well received by my clients. Donal has explained complex structures and options in a way that clients and their spouses understand. There have never been any surprises on fees or delivery expectations.

Leonard Gennusa


Donal helped my wife and I put in place wills to protect our assets and consider what is best for our children. He helped us realise that the ‘do nothing’ option was not particularly palatable. Donal’s great strengths are his ability to make the issues and solutions simple to understand and in tactfully helping us discuss topics that are not normally dinner table conversation! My wife and I got great comfort knowing that we have put protections in place for our family. The project ran smoothly and to our agreed timeframes.

Geoff Gill

Tax Partner, Deloitte

Donal is by far the most professional Estate Planning Lawyer in Sydney. Not only has a wonderful manner with clients but he also values service which is not the norm in his industry. I can highly recommend him.

Santi Burridge

Implemented Portfolios

As a Company Secretary and mother I understand the importance of a clearly defined Estate plan to help protect my family but despite its importance, I continually put it off. Donal Griffin took the time to understand my family circumstances and quickly demystified and simplified the process of Estate planning. A one hour meeting with Donal and my husband resulted in a clear and concise strategy designed specifically to protect our family. I now have in place a strategy designed by Donal with my family’s interests protected.

Kara Nicholls

Chartered Secretary

Legacy Law