Are you and your loved ones really “estate ready”?


Take this quick informal test and we’ll provide feedback you should find useful.

Self-assess by answering the questions below choosing one of the following answers:

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  3. Yes, all complete
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1. Are all your family estate documents well drafted, easy to understand and accessible for your loved ones?


2. Have you updated your estate planning documents since additional children/grandchildren were born?


3. Have you changed your Will since a child or grandchild turned 18?


4. Have you given financial support to any of your children to buy assets (e.g. a property?)


5. Have any of your children married, begun co-living with somebody or started a venture or business that could risk their assets?


6. Do you have a Power of Attorney that allows withdrawal of your parents’ superannuation and other assets to manage tax issues?


7. Do you have an Appointment of Enduring Guardian and Advanced Care Directive for yourself, your parents and your children?


8. If you are in a relationship or in business, have your parents used trusts in their estate planning documents so that you can protect any inheritance you may receive?


9. Considering current tax and superannuation rules, have you protected your loved ones from an adverse tax outcome?


10. Are your superannuation nominations up-to-date and renewed regularly. (It is recommended they be renewed in front of two independent witnesses, every three years.)