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Families! You can’t choose them… all you can do is love and protect them, and we all know that’s not as straightforward as it sounds.

We appreciate the joy and sometimes teeth-clenching, hair-tearing despair that comes with family, after all we are each a fully paid up member of our own. We also understand how hard it is to manage complexities in our own families – the multiple personalities, peculiarities, unconditional love, fierce loyalties and legacies.

No family is the same. Yours is different to mine, and our experience has shown us it is much, much easier to navigate and execute complex generational legacy plans for families we don’t belong to and this is what we do best.

We’ve helped hundreds of diverse families navigate the choppy waters of legacy, and as a result are able to offer a variety of tried and tested solutions for most familial legacy plans. We specialise in solutions that prevent family discord and preserve family harmony. After all – family is everything.

We provide counsel, we are mentors, we are pathfinders and most importantly we are continuing advocates for our clients, even when you no longer have a voice of your own. We provide practical independent support for what you want to happen.

On your behalf we will help you to negotiate significant life events. In doing so, we treasure family history and values that celebrate a life well lived.

We have been trained by brilliant professionals and we meet regularly with peers and mentors who keep us grounded, focused and honest. We are curious about people and about the world that we share with you. To our valued clients we offer a relationship, not just a transaction.

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Donal Griffin

Donal Griffin

Donal Griffin is a lawyer with over 20 years experience in private client and business matters. He has worked in large and boutique firms in Australia, the UK and Ireland (from where he hails). Donal is passionate about helping people navigate some of the complexities of life. In fact, he is proud that clients and referrers refer to his ability to simplify complex legal arrangements.

Donal acts for business owners and families with some complexity. Partners in large law firms have called him “the lawyer’s lawyer”. Donal has a masters degree in Wills and estates but, strangely, there is no “d” at the end of his name.

Jayne Nah

Jayne Nah

Jayne graduated from Sydney University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Economics majoring in Accounting and Economics. She commenced her career as an auditor with Ernst & Young and later moved to Business Services within Ernst & Young as a senior accountant.

After five years’ experience with superannuation and business clients, Jayne took a role as a Property Accountant within the Property Trust Division of Prudential Australia and later as a Finance Accountant with the EMC IT Storage and Security business.

After a break from work with family commitments, Jayne started her own business and managed it successfully before selling it.

After a real break during which she lived overseas for three years, Jayne decided that she wanted a proper challenge and chose to study law.

Law is an area which has always interested Jayne. She has a strong passion to help others and enjoys making a positive contribution to a person’s life especially in the times of their most need.

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